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Make Your Spring Cleaning Green Cleaning
Green Cleaning Company Encourages Spring Cleaning at the Office

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Greater Manchester - Do you remember the game show “Match Game” from the 70’s? At the end of the show, contestants had a chance to win big if they matched related words in combinations that equaled the popular choice. Let’s try it at home: The word “spring” pops up, what comes to mind? Did you think of springtime, springbreak, maybe SpringsteenA Cleaner Solution, an environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning company, thinks springcleaning is the natural fit.

Every spring, we look at our homes with a certain scrutiny. There’s something about the “spring cleaning” tradition that is synonymous with whirlwind cleaning and attention to detail. As we leave winter behind, we look around us with a fresh set of eyes. This is true for cleaning as well. Maybe it’s the changing of windows, or the cleaning out of ashes from the fireplace; attention is given to those special chores that usher in the new season. Bernadette Douzanis, Marketing Manager for A Cleaner Solution, proposes we bring that same enthusiasm to the workplace. Douzanis notes “spring is the perfect time to put your office cleaning to-do list into action.” She suggests a walk-through of your office, making a list of repairs and cleaning needs that have been neglected or have otherwise gone unnoticed.  Although you may not be able to address everything on the list, there’s bound to be a few things that have easy, affordable solutions that can make a big difference.   

A Cleaner Solution stresses that floor and carpet care tops the list.  Sand, salt, and general foot traffic can really do a number on these surfaces during winter months. From floor stripping, waxing, and buffing to carpet shampooing and extraction, A Cleaner Solution reminds all that cleaning doesn’t have to compromise the environment.  With Green Seal certified cleaning products and Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label Equipment, A Cleaner Solution gets floor surfaces in tip top shape while being mindful of the carbon footprint left behind. 

Nothing shouts spring more than the chance to open the windows and let in some much-needed fresh air. At the office, this is when you notice dusty blinds, sills filled with debris, and windows with a dull, built-up film. Taking a green glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to these surfaces not only traps and cleans these unsightly remnants but also leaves no particles—and harsh chemicals—behind.

Let’s focus on those “little things” that you don’t notice (but others may have…) until you take a closer look: cobwebs, dirty baseboards, and spots and smudges on doors and walls. A Cleaner Solution often finds these areas to be in need of major concentration, especially in entrance ways. Naturally, businesses want their first impression to be a good one. “Spot cleaning” is a big part of keeping your lobby, and the rest of your space, professional and inviting. 

The current economy is on the minds of all business owners. For many, the environment is also important. Douzanis firmly believes that these issues do not have to be separate. “A Cleaner Solution is committed to providing affordable, effective results to commercial cleaning needs. When we provide an estimate to a client, we ask them to consider some small costs that can result in big savings.” She points to bathrooms as being an ideal example. There are numerous ways to go green—and save green—in restrooms. Automatic foam soaps give users significantly more yield compared to traditional liquid pumps. Touch-free paper towel dispensers are far less wasteful than the commonly used “C-fold” towels—where you aim for one but pull three out at a time. Continuous flow VOC-free air fresheners not only do not require batteries, but also do not release potentially harmful irritants into the air. Quality recycled paper products offer all the effectiveness, comfort and affordability needed to make that green step in the right direction. 

In addition to these spring cleaning tips, it is important to note that green cleaning increases workplace safety, health, and productivity and can play a role in reducing costs associated with sick leave, health care, productivity loss and business expenses. Green cleaning increases indoor air quality by decreasing pollution, ozone depletion and exposure to harmful irritants. The numerous health, financial, and environmental benefits to green cleaning leave little, if any reason, not to go green. As you welcome spring, remember what makes it all so special: the air, the new growth, the potential, the “green”. Embrace spring cleaning at home and at the office! 

A Cleaner Solution offers quality, personalized commercial cleaning services using the latest environmentally-friendly products, equipment and techniques to provide cleaner, healthier workplaces. A Cleaner Solution is a proud member of the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association, NH Businesses for Social Responsibility, and The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce & GMCC Green Committee. For more information, please call A Cleaner Solution at 603.660.8834 or email A Cleaner Solution at info@acleanersolutionnh.com.

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