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Company Opens its Doors for Business and to Social Responsibility

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Greater Manchester - A Cleaner Solution is taking commercial cleaning to the next level: GREEN. Locally-owned and operated, A Cleaner Solution is determined to demonstrate to other local businesses and organizations that it really is easy – and affordable - to introduce and incorporate green cleaning practices in the workplace.

Don Douzanis, owner of A Cleaner Solution states “It used to be that environmentally-friendly cleaning products had a high price tag with limited effectiveness, but these days that’s just not the case. Manufacturers have realized the demand for these products, therefore, more money and effort has been put into the research and development of effective and affordable green cleaning alternatives.” Douzanis also notes that “these products have gained tremendous credibility under the guidance of the EPA and a variety of third party organizations, such as Green Seal, which provides universal, science-based environmental certification standards.”

A Cleaner Solution suggests that if you are one of the many businesses still contemplating bringing your workplace into the green, consider the following: Green cleaning has a role in decreasing pollution, ozone depletion and global climate change. Green cleaning practices greatly reduce exposure to harmful irritants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fluorocarbons that decrease indoor air quality. Commercial Green cleaning increases workplace safety, health, productivity and can help reduce costs associated with sick leave, health care, and productivity loss. In addition, energy-efficient equipment and preventative maintenance can reduce business expenses. With the numerous health, financial, and environmental benefits, it seems there is little, if any reason, not to go green!

A Cleaner Solution offers quality, personalized commercial cleaning services using the latest environmentally-friendly products, equipment and techniques to provide cleaner, healthier workplaces while being conscious of the environment. For more information, please call A Cleaner Solution at 603.660.8834 or email A Cleaner Solution at info@acleanersolutionnh.com.

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