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Why Green Cleaning?

A Cleaner Solution can help your business or organization create a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

There are numerous health, financial, and environmental benefits to “Going Green”: 


    Green cleaning promotes wellness and social responsibility.


    Green products, equipment and techniques focus on reducing, reusing and recycling to improve the quality of the indoor environment while minimizing the use of raw materials and toxic products.


    Green cleaning has a role in decreasing pollution, ozone depletion and global climate change.


    Green cleaning does not use chemical irritants such as bleach, traditional carpet cleaners, aerosols, air fresheners, or ammonia. Green cleaning practices greatly reduce exposure to harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fluorocarbons that decrease indoor air quality (IAQ). A Cleaner Solution uses Green Seal certified products which are highly effective and recommended by the EPA. 


    Commercial Green cleaning increases workplace safety, health, productivity and can help reduce costs associated with sick leave, health care, and productivity loss. In addition, energy-efficient equipment and preventative maintenance can reduce expenses.

A Cleaner Solution can also help your business achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. LEED is a voluntary standard that emphasizes the latest strategies for sustainable site development, water consumption, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. LEED is a comprehensive system that offers training, technical assistance, and professional accreditation. Initiated in 2000, it has already proven to be an effective means for return investment over time. LEED has quickly become the national “yardstick” for green building and cleaning. A Cleaner Solution can help your business in its LEED goals as a green cleaning program accounts for a significant portion of the points needed for LEED certification. 

For more information about LEED, visit the US Green Building Council (USGBC) website at: www.usgbc.org.


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